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Weaving a Pillbox hat from grass

You will need 8 short blades of grass and one long garland of lily grass to weave with. Make the garland by gluing blades of grass into a continuous length.

Work on a flat surface to get the weave started. As this hat has no brim, we are working on the ball of the hat. Work in pairs and lay the first two pieces on your working surface.

Weave in the blades of grass in an "over and under" pattern

Weave in the long garland of grass

Let the one leg of the grass extend. This will add another leg to weave through so that you have an uneven number. Fold the blade of grass over...

And under. For the first few weaves we weave in pairs

Fold the blade of grass down and weave

Fold to the side and weave. Incorporate the first blade of grass from the garland and weave it in

This is our basic weaving pattern

Open up the strands and weave the grass garland through

Flair open the other side and weave through

Continue weaving around and around

When the top of the hat is the right size fold the strands up

Weave the garland around the hat to create the upright sides

Wiggle the garland down so that each blade of grass is close to the one before to create a sturdy side weave

Test the size of the hat

To end the weave fold each strand of grass either over or under the garland strand following the weaving pattern.

Your Pillbox hat design is ready to design with

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