My Creative Workbook

Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman

Twig support to rest test tubes on a surface

Wrap bind wire twice around the tube

Twist the bind wire to secure

Separate the wire

Secure to the fork in a twig

Sink the tube into the design to nestle on the twigs

Creating a stable water source for the fresh flower material

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18 January 2012 Butterfly feeler hooks for swinging test tubes

I don't always want to wire my test tubes into the design. I like to create a bit of movement by simply hooking the tubes to gently swing.

22 April 2011 Test tube on a stick

Include a single floret (such as an orchid) or bundle a few weaker stems (such as lily of the valley) into an arrangement or hand tie by wiring a test tube to a stick.

1 January 2011 Test tubes

To prevent bacterial growth that diminishes the vase life of your flowers wash your test tubes after every use.

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