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Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman

Tuck a loosely woven grass grid into a square container

Weave a few blades of lily grass into a basic weaving pattern

See the Tutorial below for more information on how to weave with grass.

Weave in blades of grass to almost the size of your container.

Cut the ends straight.

Adjust the weave with a cuticle pusher to open it up.

Carefully curve the weave to fit into the square container

Tuck in the other side...

Curve the remaining blades of grass and tuck in the last side.

Position the woven grass to be in the center of the container.

Spread out the woven blades of grass to fill the opening of the container.

Test the surface to make sure it is secure enough to carry the flowers.

Fill the container with water and slip the flowers through the weave.

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8 June 2011 Foliage Weaving

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2 January 2011 Lilies

How to keep Lilies in bud for longer. Removing the pollen. Stringing a Lily Garland.

9 August 2017 Weave a flat top to tip at an angle with flower stems

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3 April 2013 Twin Leaf Weave

Weave two palm leaves together to create a floral grid

14 January 2015 Weaving Slippers from Foliage

Weave slip on shoes from palm leaves

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