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Skeleton Hydrangea Petal Blossoms

Start with the stamens. Unravel a section of sisal string

See the detailed Tutorial below on how I unravel Sisal

Cut the Sisal.

Stain the sisal green with a tiny drop of paint

See the Tutorials below for more information if you prefer to use natural dyes to stain the Sisal

Wrap a decorative wire around the Sisal to tie it together. Let the wire extend for the stem of the blossom

Cover the wire with florist tape where it is wrapped around the sisal. I left the rest of the decorative wire to show

Separate the stained sisal with your nail

Dip the tips of the sisal in paint

... to create the Anther

Pin the stamens into Polystyrene to make it stand upright

Cut the stem away from the hydrangea to seperate the petals

Glue the first petal to the stamens

Glue on the second petal

Add the last two petals to finish the blossom

Shape the wire stems before adding it into the design

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26 August 2015 Skeleton Hydrangeas

Make skeleton petals from hydrangeas to create blossoms

28 August 2013 Unravel Sisal string to get Sisal Fibers

I purchase a huge roll of sisal string to use... sometimes as string, but mostly I unravel it for the fibers

28 February 2011 Paper flowers

You can use any type of paper to make flowers. I use tissue paper, Crêpe paper, cardboard, newsprint and coffee filters (new and used) to make sweet peas, carnations, paper...

22 September 2012 Skeleton Leaves

Remove the pulp from leaves so that only the vain framework remain

3 September 2014 Skeletonize Physalis Pods

Remove the pulp from the papery pod (sepal) covering the little berry of Chinese lantern plant so that only the vain framework remain

24 August 2011 Stain wooden skewers with natural dye

Using fruit, berries, flowers, leaves and grasses to naturally stain design details for floral art relies on the same techniques as using paint or any other dye.

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