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Sealing water leaks

Cut a drinking straw into sections

Scoop up a small bit of baby petroleum jelly on a spreader

And smooth it around the flowers stem and inside the drinking straw to create a barrier

Fill the straw with water

See the Tutorial below for detailed instructions on how I make a syringe with a tube to make it easier to fill the straws

And hang the flower

See the Tutorial below for detailed instructions on how I use drinking straws to make flower vials

Sometimes regular plastic vials also need a little help to stop water from leaking out

Spread the thinnest layer of Petroleum jelly around the cap. It should now be perfectly sealed to hang upside down

See the Tutorial below for more detailed instructions on how to cut a plastic vial so that it is possible to top up the water in an upside down design.

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3 January 2011 Syringe with tube

Easy way to fill test tubes and easiest way to remove water from a vase

16 August 2011 Fast way to fill a lot of test tubes in awkward places

I do not believe in arranging flowers without a water source of some kind. I want my flowers to remain as beautiful for as long as possible and I often get quite creative to...

7 September 2012 Hanging flowers rightside-upside-downside

I love hanging flowers to loosely dangle and move in a design

18 May 2016 Dangling flowers from blades of grass

Knot a blade of grass around a water source to create a free hanging design

Favourite Flowers


Calla Lily, Arum Lily


Phalaenopsis, Moth orchid

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