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Radiating rainbow vine armature

Cut a wreath into sections.

Arrange the three sections on the edge of your working surface, one slightly longer than the next.

Tape the sections to your working surface to make it easier to position and later cut.

Let nature set the curve, just position them slightly apart.

Glue in connecting pieces.

Make sure each connecting piece connects at at least three other places so that it is secure.

Use the edge of your working surface as a cutting line to trim the twigs to size.

Remove the tape.

Lift the armature from the working surface. Wiggle the armature to make sure it is secure and add twigs if needed.

Weave the orchid stem through the armature from one side.

Weave another orchid stem through the armature from other side so that the stems cross in a small water container at the base.

Glue in seedpods...

... And delicate tendrils to radiate out from the armature...

... to add delicate height to the design. The vines frame the orchids without overpowering them.

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6 September 2011 Twig collar

Create a light and transparent collar-base for the large composite flower to nestle into.

29 November 2017 Autumn Screen

Craft a hanging twig and autumn leaf design

6 September 2017 Contained rose twig stack

Glue the twigs in a container to easily follow the round shape

8 June 2016 Popsicle Stick Square Armature

Glue Popsicle sticks to create a double layered, upright armature

9 December 2015 Scalable twig and Phalaenopsis orchid winterscape panel

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24 June 2015 Twig Cell phone Charging Station Centrepiece

Create an arched design to hide the electrical outlet for a cell phone charging station

8 January 2014 Twig Tumbler

Wire and glue a stack of sticks into a cylindrical or tube shape

12 July 2017 Twig sparkler

Glue twigs to radiate out from a central point

Favourite Flowers

Phragmipedium longifolium

The Long-Leaf Phragmipedium (longifolium means long leaf), Phrag

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