My Creative Workbook

Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman

Lily grass spiral in a vase

Place a bundle of lily grass in a vase

Add a second bundle...

Keep adding bundles of grass to almost fill the vase. For my design I used nine bunches of lily grass

Gather the bundle of grass...

And gently twist the blades

When you release the grass it naturally falls into a spiral.

Move the blades of grass so that you have a puddle of water in the middle for the orchids

Add the orchids to nestle in the grass, using the blades to help the slippers stand upright. To add visual interest I added a few curled lily grass blades. See the Tutorial below for detailed instructions on how to curl grass

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15 April 2015 Stretching leaves and foliage into a ringlet curl

Most leaves and foliage can be slightly manipulated to curve or curl.

1 May 2012 Cinderella Spiral Pumpkin from Midelino Cane Coils

Tie Midelino Cane coils to make a spiral armature

7 May 2014 Rethinking the traditional Komiwara technique

Komiwara is a classic and traditional Ikebana technique used in a Rikka design. Designers would usually bundle straw to keep the flowers in place.

Related Designs

22 June 2016 Perfection

Spiral grass to create a nest for the lady slipper orchids

19 July 2017 Meraki

A grass armature for one perfect slipper orchid

2 August 2017 Grace

Use snips and snippets and leftovers to create a design of it's own

21 February 2018 Impossible things

A cut stem flower frog for the heavy Hanging Heliconia flowers

30 January 2019 Around Here

Wind lily leaves to spiral around in a water filled container.

24 April 2012 Words Matter.

Braiding and plaiting and knotting hair is a huge trend in hairdressing at the moment. Intricate little plaits are draped over long flowing hair to add complexity and quirk. ...

1 May 2012 Center the more adventurous design ideas on your centerpieces

Designing adventurous Contemporary Floral centerpieces Article in the Canadian Florist Magazine </strong><br><br>

6 February 2013 Swimmingly

Fold a grass fish for an easy going underwater design detail

13 March 2013 Than you have to

Weave blades of grass to create a cover for a glass vase

24 April 2013 Hanging Space

Suspend small bud vases with Macramé-like knotted wool. This design is featured on <strong>The Fusion Flowers Magazine</strong> Fusion Links page.

12 March 2014 Petrichor

A minimalist design in a shallow tray

7 May 2014 Serendipity

Be inspired by traditional Ikebana techniques

16 July 2014 Unraveling fast

Weaving foliage to create a lush water scene

27 August 2014 Brought Together

Loosely weave blades of grass together

14 January 2015 Take a load off

Weave slippers from foliage

21 January 2015 Tiptoe through the Tulips

Braid Tulip stems to set in water