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Hanging dangling eggshells with a twig and some ripped grass

Pierce a small hole in an eggshell. If you have a higher pain fresh-hold I find the best way to keep the egg from shattering when you make the hole is to support the back with your finger. Usually you can feel when you are just about to pierce through... and remove your finger at the last possible moment.

You need a small-ish hole on both sides of the egg. You are threading a small twig through the holes so measure carefully.

Slip a thin but sturdy twig through the eggshell.

Rip a blade of grass into thin strips.

To read more about ripping grass see the Tutorial below.

Knot the grass around one side of the twig.

Knot the other end of the ripped grass to the other end of the twig.

Make a knot in the middle of the ripped grass to give it a secure way to hang from the design.

Place blossoming twigs in a vase filled with water.

I wanted my design to be clean and minimal, so I pointed the twigs all in one direction to limit the visual distractions.

Just for fun, add a few feathers... if that suits your design style.

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14 January 2011 Ripping Flax

Flax can be ripped into fibres creating long and versatile strips

11 April 2017 A little nest for Easter chocolates that naturally hooks over the edge of a container

Weave a tiny nest with a twig hook so that you can hang it in a design

28 March 2018 Stacked eggshell containers that won't topple over.

Balance a stack of eggshells with a magnet for a tiny Easter design

30 March 2012 Keep pod shaped flowers in bud for longer

Sometimes you want to keep flowers in tight bud for as long as possible to suit your design

7 April 2012 Just Hatched Papier Mache Easter Eggs

Glue newsprint paper to balloons to make large egg shaped containers to design in

24 April 2013 Macramé hanging vases

Knot wool to create a catch to hang tiny bud vases from

28 December 2011 Macramé inspired hanging test tubes

When I hang these delicate glass bubbles I want to make sure they are really secure. By slipping them into Macramé inspired knots they are not only hanging securely but the...

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Flax, New Zealand flax

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Hang a dangling eggshell in a Spring blossom design.

11 April 2017 Well… we did it again!

Blossoms and chocolates for Easter

28 March 2018 Walking on eggshells

Fill eggshells with moss to create an upright container... with a surprising balancing trick.

16 April 2014 Never saw such a lovely day...

Weave a palm thorn garland to decorate for Easter

7 April 2012 Spring Clean

A clean Easter design. The tiny blossoms are Kalanchoe 'Calandiva Pink'. Tucked low in the paper eggs are a few Cymbidium orchids and the twigs are contorted hazel. The...

8 April 2015 Just think!

Weave a nest for chocolate Easter eggs

16 May 2012 On the first warm day in May

A ripped flax, Ranunculus and Mikado Reed drop shaped nest

24 April 2013 Hanging Space

Suspend small bud vases with Macramé-like knotted wool. This design is featured on <strong>The Fusion Flowers Magazine</strong> Fusion Links page.