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Gypsophila snowball posy

A posy of Gypsophila (baby's breath) can be tricky to tie- it often looks rather flat. I puff the flowers out by using the dried twig flower head of a ball of hydrangeas or Agapanthus, almost as a flower frog.

Dried Hydrangea flower twigs

When a Hydrangea flower head becomes papery, snip each floret from the stem. I use the tiny nail scissors from my tool bag. Set the stems aside to dry completely.

Insert the Gypsohilla flowers into the twig flower frog

For my A snowball’s chance design, I wanted my stems to show so I left all the stems long. If you want the stems to disappear snip it shorter just before designing. Or if you want to create a flat top posy (like I did in my Tying the Knot design ) just shape the top of the twigs.

Thread the Gypsophila stems into the hydrangea ball and tug till they follow the ball shape of the twigs.

Gypsophila stems tied together

Tie the stems with bind wire. Because this is such a natural looking design I covered the wire with an Alstroemeria leaf and a Gyp floret

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