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Glue floral details into an artificial wreath frame

In floral art we generally strive to let floral material predominate over all the other elements in our design. Make sure that you add enough twigs and flowers to cover 70% of the design.

Place the artificial wreath on a flat working surface and fluff and bend all the wires to point out

Place the artificial wreath on a flat working surface and fluff and bend all the wires to point out

Frost a few twigs with artificial snow. See the Tutorial below for detailed instructions

Glue the twigs into the wreath frame.

Glue the first twig into the wreath frame. Make sure it is secured to the wire and not the fluffy tinsel bit.

Glue in the next twig

Glue in the next twig. The twig is secured to both the first twig and the wire wreath frame

Continue to add twigs

Continue to add twigs. Just like with any twig armature each twig is glued at a minimum of three places. In this case it is glued to either wire or another twig

Glue in baubles and bells

Glue in baubles and bells

Lift the wreath up and give it a shake to make sure all the twigs are secure

Lift the wreath up and give it a shake to see that all the twigs are secure. Glue in more twigs or glue any twigs that are not secure

The wreath is now ready to design with

The wreath is now ready to design with. Place the flowers in test tubes and nestle it in the wreath using the wires and the twigs as support

Design Note:
I found that the artificial tinsel wreath is protected by a non-stick surface treatment and some glue (such as sticky dots) release after a little while. Secure the details to the wire and not the shiny, fluffy tinsel surface.

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