My Creative Workbook

Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman

Forest Floor Disk

Cut disk shapes from cardboard

Peel the cardboard to create a rough surface

Make two small holes and fit a wire through the holes

Twist the wire to secure

Bend the wire over to make it easy to hang

The peeled away area is now ready to design with

Fluff out a thin section of polyester fluff.

Polyester fluff is used as stuffing and is made from recycled plastic or polyethylene terephthalate (PET). It is fibered, fluffed and flocked to create long sheets of strong water repelling foam which is ideal for Floral Art, especially if you use cardboard as a base.

Glue the fluff to the disk

Stain the fluff green

See the Tutorial below for more details on how to stain with natural dye

Glue orchid growth medium, moss and roots to the disk

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31 March 2011 Bark covered Wreath

Keep in mind that in order to make a realistic looking fantasy design element, such as the wreath, you must focus on how this item would grow in nature.

24 August 2011 Stain wooden skewers with natural dye

Using fruit, berries, flowers, leaves and grasses to naturally stain design details for floral art relies on the same techniques as using paint or any other dye.

26 April 2011 Weave a willow twig blind

Weave twigs in parallel to create a twig blind with strong but natural horizontal lines.

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30 March 2016 A Point of Support

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