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Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman

Eucalyptus tinsel garland

Cut seeded Eucalyptus into snippets

Hook wire through the eucalyptus and twirl it around the stem.

Place a second stem so that the stems overlap.

Wrap the wire around the stem to create a continues strand or garland.

Continue to add stems. I wanted to give my garland a more natural look so I added less eucalyptus stems to the beginning (and the end) of the strand...

Add more eucalyptus to create a lush garland in the middle section of the garland to mimic nature.

Continue to wire in Eucalyptus to craft a long garland.

Taper the end of the garland by adding the last snippet in the reverse direction with the end stem pointing into the garland.

Wire the stems to secure.

Drape thin tinsel around the garland.

Add a bit of artificial snow to the garland.

See the Tutorial below for more detailed instructions on how to add artificial snow to your design.

Drape more tinsel over the garland.. it's New Year!

Set the garland aside so that the glue can dry completely...

Before shaping it into a spiral...

And draping it around the floral design.

Dressing up a single elegant calla lily.

Add a few sparkling crystal beads to finish off the design.

See the Tutorial below for more detailed instructions on how to add crystals to a design.

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8 July 2015 Using a pin to place tiny dew drop crystals

It's sometimes difficult to place a tiny crystal or bead exactly where you want it.

28 December 2016 Adding snow to twigs

Glue artificial snow to twigs

8 June 2016 Stripping bark from willow sticks

Strip the green bark from the stems to expose the smooth wood

11 February 2015 Stripping foliage from weaving stems

Remove foliage from stems to weave with

30 August 2017 Standing a water tube at an angle in lumber

Create a minimal design by placing a single flower on a platform

3 January 2018 Using a fork in a twig to “peg” a stem in place

A easy to use Hana Kubari technique

14 August 2013 Haphazard twig Rectangle

Glue a few twigs into a rectangular shape to hang as a space or room devider

4 January 2017 Glue floral details into an artificial wreath frame

Quick and easy way to securely decorate an artificial wreath with natural elements

Favourite Flowers

Salix matsudana "Tortuosa"

Curly Willow, Chinese Willow, Tortured Willow, Globe Willow, Dragon's Claw, Hankow Willow


Calla Lily, Arum Lily

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