My Creative Workbook

Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman

Bark and Cotton Candy Cane

Tape a few cardboard rolls together to create a basic candy cane shape

Draw out the lines on the candy cane

Tape a guide line with painters tape

I wanted my line to be slightly thicker so I taped a strip on both sides of the guide line

Cardboard candy cane ready to cover

Chip away some bark with a sharp knife from a piece of wood

Start to glue the wood chips to the candy cane

Move around the following the cane shape

Following the growth direction of the cane

Around and up the top curve

Remove the painters tape

Pull out the fluffy cotton from the pod

See the Tutorial below for more information how to mat cotton and wool into felt

Mat (or tangle) the fluff to create long strands of cotton by placing it on a flat surface and rubbing the fibres to tangle

I loved the look of the seeds in the cotton but you can remove it for a smoother fluffy part

Glue the cotton fluff to cover the open candy cane strip

Place a cotton pod in the top cavity

Place a pod in the bottom cavity to close that as well

Softly smooth the cotton down again so that it follows the shape closely.

Cotton and bark candy cane

Glue in a few air-plants

See the Tutorial below for detailed instructions on how I cover the ends of the air-plants with cotton

Add in baubles and wire spirals. And add a few drinking straw test tubes to keep the roses hydrated (see the Tutorial below)

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1 February 2011 Felt

How to tangle wool into felt and make pebbles, felt strips and test tube covers

4 January 2011 Drinking straw "test tubes"

When you need to keep a tiny stem hydrated this is just what you need.

14 December 2016 Cover the ends of the individual air plant leaves with cotton before adding it to the design

Pull leaves the Tillandsia plant to add into a design

14 January 2013 Bark and paper covered Styrofoam stand for ice cream cones

Press a wooden skewer into the Styrofoam to help the cones stand upright when displayed

17 September 2014 Bark Bowl

Glue bark onto a bowl to create a dome shape

10 July 2012 Bark covered heart

Cover cardboard with bark to create a heart shaped log

22 January 2013 Bark Veneer Cardboard Cake stands

A quick and easy way to make a cardboard cake stand

22 January 2013 Bark Veneer Cardboard Floral Cake

Glue a stack of cardboard circles to create a log-like floral cake

19 August 2015 Bark pod for growing a Pearl Oyster mushroom mini farm

Glue bark to a Papier Maché and wire frame to create a pod shaped armature

2 June 2011 Papier Mache

I save all the thin tissue paper or un-printed newsprint papers that are wrapped around the flowers that are delivered to me to make batches of Papier Mache with. These sheets...

9 July 2014 Taking care of Tillandsia

Conditioning and growing air plants

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