My Creative Workbook

Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman

A bark strip and fluffed cotton disk wreath

Rip the bark into long strips

Pour out some wood glue over the strips

Thin the glue with hot water

Push the bark down into the warm glue and water to soak

Wrap silver wire around a foam wreath frame and add a loop to make it easier to hang the wreath

Wrap a soaked bark strip around the wreath frame

... and secure it with the decorative wire

Keep adding strips of bark. Each time let the bark slightly overlap the previous strip. Secure it by wrapping decorative wire around the frame

Wrap about half of the frame in bark strips and secure the wire with a twist.

Set the wreath aside to dry overnight

Pull the cotton from the pods

It comes out easily leaving the pods cleanly

Gently fluff out the cotton to find the seed.

Feel around in the fluff until you find the seed is in the middle of the bit of fluff

Gently pull the fluff from the seed without ripping it

This creates a flat disk of cotton fluff that radiates outward from the seed

Fluff out all the cotton you will need to cover the rest of the wreath frame

Soak some torn newsprint paper in a warm water and wood glue mixture

and cover the foam wreath frame

Set aside to dry

Glue the cotton disks to the wreath frame by adding a small drop of hot glue to the back of the disk right where the seed is. Overlap the disks slightly

Turn the frame around and cover the back with cotton

The wreath frame is now ready to design with

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