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Mud!!! Floral Art Demonstration at the Rondebosch Flower Club

Spreading mud on the bark wreath to anchor mushrooms

Mud protects the surface of the design

Draping a passion fruit vine over the wood wreath

Anchoring the passion fruit vine to the bark wreath.

I made a monkey rope from bark and sisal to anchor the orchid plants

The orchid plants were conditioned over night to be able to last when used as plants in the design with their roots exposed.

I clumped a few plants together to get a large amount of roots to hang dangling down the design

Securing the vine and orchid plants to the monkey vine.

Orchid plant to drape over the front of the design.

A few orchids hang down the design in test tubes covered in willow

I also used a glue gun to add a spider web to the design

Spreading the spider web over the design.

I then sprayed the web with water to add glistening rain drops.

The bark wreath hanged from a single wire rod that would gently bob up and down as if it is dancing in the rain.

Thank you to the members of the Rondebosch Flower Club, Cape Town, South Africa for inviting me to demonstrate.

Mud!!! Floral Art Demonstration at the Rondebosch Flower Club, Cape Town, South Africa

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Favourite Flowers


Granadilla, passionflower, passion vines


Phalaenopsis, Moth orchid

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7 April 2011 Floral Art Demonstrations

When I demonstrate I focus on sharing the art of contemporary floral design, as I see it.

5 April 2011 Mud Proverbs

I prefer not to drape fabric over or hide my designs behind a screen before a demonstration. Instead I create a "diversion" that will capture the audience's interest.

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I wanted my design to feature mostly growing plants- creating a natural display on the supernatural wreath.

30 March 2011 Mud!!!

When I started researching mud as a possible enhancement to contemporary floral art I was thoroughly inspired by the possibilities.

23 March 2011 and to share with your Flower Friends on your birthday?

Because it was my birthday I wanted to give the audience each a slice of birthday cake to celebrate with me. For obvious reasons I settled on dark chocolate Mud Pies.