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Dianthus - Pink, Carnation, Clove Pink, Chinese Pink


Detail of my Pink floral art design

Common name

Pink, Carnation, Clove Pink, Chinese Pink




There are many varieties available including standard, spray, micro and special varieties


Originally pinkish purple but the flowers are now available in white, yellow, green, red, purple... an huge amount of colours (mono, frosted or duel) are available and the flowers are also often dyed

Vase life

Up to 14 days


Unfortunately most carnations grown for cut flowers no longer have a scent but garden and border pinks have a wonderful clove or peppery-floral fragrance


Create textured low pave design, loose tied bunches or pomanders. Green carnations are popular in St. Patrick's Day designs and pink, red or white(depending on local customes)Carnations for Mother's Day


Buy the flowers when they are still in tight bud. Remove all foliage. Cut the flower stems just above the node. Condition in warm water (with flower food) for at least 2 hours before designing.

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