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Anthurium - Anthurium, Tailflower, painters palette, Flamingo flower


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Common name

Anthurium, Tailflower, painters palette, Flamingo flower


Central and South America. Most species occur in Panama, Colombia, Brazil, Guiana Shield and Ecuador.


More than 800 species are documented of which approximately 200 varieties are available in the cut flower industry.


There are several hundreds of colours available, including bi-colours and novelties. Anthuriums grown for the florist trade generally have a coloured spathe and spadix. The spadix can be white, green, purple, pink or a combination. The spathe may be single coloured- white, yellow, green. or multicoloured including burgundy and pure red. Anthurium berries range from red to black and may also be bi-coloured or shaded.

Vase life

Ranging from seven to twenty (or more!) days.


The flowers give off a variety of fragrances, each attracting a variety of specific pollinators


I enjoy using the glossy green foliage and the beautiful almost red roots in designs. The flowers are thirsty and prefer larger tubes or vases. I love the miniature Anthuriums.


Give the stem a fresh cut removing about four centimeters and place in deep fresh water and flower food.

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