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The plastic inside of a roll of Florist tape becomes a Wrist Corsage

Wrist Corsage

I love the idea of body flowers.

You don't really need a reason to wear a floral wrist corsage but up-cycling the inner ring from your finished floral tape is most certainly cause for celebration: Yippee! I am getting a new roll of tape and Yippee! I am reducing the amount of trash my design room generates.

Succulent wrist corsage.

And to take the idea of ecologically sound design another step further: The succulents in the corsage will lasts for more than a month before some of the leaves will develop tiny roots that can then be picked off to plant.

Long lasting Echiveria wrist corsage

Echiveria wrist corsage, simple and elegant

Design note: I left the corsage on my desk to see how it ages. This is the corsage one month later. If you look carefully you will see tiny roots forming on the succulents

Succulent bracelet featured in Blossom Zine

Thank you Blossom zine online Magazine for featuring this design.

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15 April 2011 Decorate the wrist corsage

Glue rosette shaped succulents onto the wrist corsage

12 September 2012 Infinity fold for storing ribbon

Neatly roll you ribbon to store flat in a drawer

5 March 2014 Harvesting succulents

Severing the rosette to design with

Favourite Flowers


Echiveria, Hen and chicks

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