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Round and Round

Floral Art design Round and Round.

Some things just stick.

From tight bud freesias to fully open all the way around.

It’s a song you hear or something someone says or an idea you get. And you can’t get it out of your head.

Freesia, grass and twig platter

It goes round and round and round...

Freesia, grass and twigs.

And then you get inspired and the suggestion becomes valuable.

Loop grass in and out of the design to focus on the movement.

Inspiration comes from strange places, indeed.

Design note:
This design was inspired by a tweet from Paul from Zaraflora

Screenprint of the tweet

And there I was; singing this happy ditty “The wheels of the bus go round and round” gluing my twig platter round and round... All day long!

Zara is a talented MasterFlorist and Paul is the MasterOfAllThingsTwitter. Even if you are unable to visit (or follow) their Flower shop (in East Grinstead, Sussex UK) have a look at their website. The quality of their flowers is just heavenly!

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Christine de Beer

This is my ongoing creative workbook to research and capture design projects and techniques. You will mostly find ideas for floral art but I will also include some other projects such as gift packaging, cards and even cake decorating with a few lifestyle projects arranged in between.

Everything you see in this workbook was designed, made and photographed by me, unless specific credit is given to another designer.




Freesia, freesias