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To some extent, every bride wants to look unique and memorable on her wedding day. Designing unique wedding elements can be really tricky, especially if you are the kind of person who always does the unexpected.

Oh so clever floral art design

Taking that “uniqueness” even further may seem like the way to go, but that is, well, quite expected because guests are already expecting the unexpected that from you. To make it even more difficult, you still want that bridal feeling, it is your wedding day after all!

Bridal basket

My advice might surprise you. I say: if everyone is expecting something rather outrageous from you, not even a clown suit will be as unexpected as walking down the aisle in a white dress. It does not mean you have to play it safe. By no means! It just means you should play it: oh so clever.

Grass and orchids

Clever in this case means being deliberate in looking at the traditional elements of weddings and wedding designs, and then identifying which of these design elements fits your vision for your day.

Cymbidium orchids on the basket handle

Try to determine what “bridal” means to you, and give you that feeling, so that you know which details to focus on. You probably already have quite a few images saved with design elements that you love.

Crystals on the grass bed of the basket

Look carefully at all those bridal details and see if you can verbalize them.

Cymbidium orchids and curled grass

Do you have pictures of a long classic cathedral veil? A white gown? The classic bouquet of flowers and corsages?
Or is your vision a little wider? Flower girls and ring bearers? A shower of petals, pew decoration or elegant table settings at your reception?

Cymbidium orchids

Use familiar and specific words to describe what you want, so that your vision is clear. Eliminate any ambiguous or misleading words and avoid being too restrictive. The goal of this is to use words that identify, inspire and spark your creativity.

Cymbidium orchids and curled grass with crystals

Try explaining to someone what you mean, to test how well you have defined what you are looking for. These things are the design elements that will give you that “bridal” feeling

Cymbidium orchids and curled grass with crystals on a basket

The next step is to creatively push each of these design element to it’s limit, adding that something unique to the traditional bridal look, making it your own. For instance; a white cape or a hood instead of a veil, or a unique fabric for a traditional design bridal gown.

Fresh bridal basket

Look carefully at the words you used to describe what you are looking for. These words will ignite your imagination. Consider the traditional more practical elements so that you remain within your original goal of feeling like a bride.

Cymbidium orchids and curled grass with crystals on a bridal basket

A good example is a bridal basket. A smaller design, like this one, is an unexpected twist on a traditional element that you can carry with a special person walking you down the aisle.

For a “not like every other bride”’ kind of bride, it is not only important to know what you want, but also have the language to communicate what you want. It will smooth the way to creating the design elements that suits your vision for your big day.

DIY Weddings magazine article

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