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Making bowls out of wax.

A mould is a hollow container or profile used to give shape to molten or hot liquid material as it cools and hardens.

Wax bowls

Connect the two cherry pink wax bowls with wired and curved Equisetum. Place a Lucky Bamboo stem with a beautiful spiral in a small test tube and insert to follow the curve.

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14 March 2011 Making a Wax bowl using a mould

Dip shapes into wax to create a bowl

13 March 2011 Wire and bend Equisetum

Create lasting shapes by wiring Equisetum

Favourite Flowers

Dracaena sanderiana

Lucky Bamboo, Ribbon Dracaena, Belgian Evergreen, Ribbon Plant


Scouring Rush, Horsetail, snake grass, puzzle grass

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1 March 2011 FLOAT

Reflex Tulip and Passion Fruit Tendrils in a wax disk


Waxed fruit and a Hot Glue nest

18 March 2011 SHAPE

Chrysanthemum Hourglass

15 December 2011 Rocking around Three Candle Trees

Wire spirals twisted around candles to make small Christmas trees for the Christmas Eve dinner table