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Drinking straws become flower test tubes

Willow twig blind with tiny Mokara orchids

This design is all about the orchids

I used Aranthera: James Storie orchids.

They look rather similar to the Mokara and Aranda orchids. As I understand it, Arandas and Aranthera orchids are similar in shape to Mokara orchids, but have longer and thinner petals. The Arandas are also slightly bigger than the Arantheras.

For an example of both the Aranthera and Aranda orchids in one design see my WAFA 10th International Flower Show in Boston USA: This Glorious Earth made for the WAFA Flower show in Boston.This design was the starting point of the idea for the Zipper design. You will clearly see the similarities.

Floral Art design twig blind .

Willow twig blind with tiny Aranthera: James Storie orchids

I wanted to place these orchids on a twig blind. I could either hang the entire stem to naturally trail up (or down) the blind but this is quite a small design and the flowers would be spaced very far apart. To place the tiny florets in exactly the right spot I needed tiny test tubes.

Orchids in straws

Orchids are slow drinkers and ideal to design in tiny test tubes or even drinking straws test tubes

See below for a drinking straw test tubes Tutorial

Twig Cage

Next, I wired a fragile "cage" of willow twigs to emphasize the vertical placement of the orchids on the horizontal lines of the blind.

Willow hook to hang the design from.

Willow hook to hang the design from.

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4 January 2011 Drinking straw "test tubes"

When you need to keep a tiny stem hydrated this is just what you need.

26 April 2011 Natural stem hook to hang plant material from

Side stems of branches can be used as hooks to hang floral material in a design.

26 April 2011 Weave a willow twig blind

Weave twigs in parallel to create a twig blind with strong but natural horizontal lines.

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