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Creativity will come

Creativity will come floral art design

I will master

Twig Bridal Basket


Phalaenopsis orchids, Hazel and strawberry twig Bridal Basket

then the

Thin basket design


Glue a Phalaenopsis orchids, Hazel and strawberry twig bridal Basket

will come

A Japanese proverb

DIY Twig Bridal Basket

Thank you Floral Design Magazine for featuring my design...

Twig bridal basket tutorial

... and Tutorial...

Twig Basket


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10 September 2014 Twig Bridal Basket

A slim basket design made from twigs

22 May 2012 Bite and snap a sturdy twig

Break the sturdy twig on the scribe line.

Favourite Flowers


Phalaenopsis, Moth orchid

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17 February 2016 Where would you put it!?!

Tie a twig armature enclosure for fresh flowers

30 March 2016 A Point of Support

My contemporary floral art design demonstrated at the Canada Blooms flower show in Toronto.

7 December 2016 Oh! So clever

My article and Bridal basket design featured in DIY Weddings Magazine