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Cool, Collected and Contemporary

6-9 September: International Fashion Week.

Floral Trends Design Group Assignment: What are the fashion collections saying to you?

Seventies fashion remains high on the list of carry-over trends, think flared and wide leg pants, and short skirts or maxi sheer dresses while on the edgy side, biker and punk follows through to the new season.

Cool, Collected and Contemporary floral art design

Something that I thought would make an interesting floral design element is the reappearance of the Leather Harness as an Autumn/Fall 2011 accessory trend.

The Leather Harness is one of those tricky style ideas. It has the reputation of being edgy – how could it not when its origin lies in gladiator, equestrian or even fetishist fashion? It’s difficult to re-invent without simply drawing attention to its darker (even shocking) reputation. But every so often the challenge inspires someone. This year, many designers were inspired!

Lily Grass Harness

In our contemporary society where we believe we have seen it all what could be more shocking than a bit of restrained elegance? And the 2011/2012 leather harness is all about elegance in its approach

From leather straps with thin belt buckles worn from middle to low on the waist over flowing fabrics or under suit jackets or over high buttoned shirts- as you would a waistcoat (in soft tones of green, pink or blue) to corset style obi belts (in midnight blue, burgundy or grape) and biker details on leather jackets (black) and equestrian boots, coats and bags (in lemon, orange or magenta). The leather harness has been up-styled to represent cool, collected, and contemporary design elegance.

Looped lily grass contemporary floral art design

My take on harnessing elegance, simply looped from lily grass Cool, as in attention-grabbing idea. Collected, as in held together. And contemporary as in the latest thing

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Christine de Beer

This is my ongoing creative workbook to research and capture design projects and techniques. You will mostly find ideas for floral art but I will also include some other projects such as gift packaging, cards and even cake decorating with a few lifestyle projects arranged in between.

Everything you see in this workbook was designed, made and photographed by me, unless specific credit is given to another designer.