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Boat Orchids

A stem of Boat Orchids.

These dramatic sprays of orchids have thick, waxy flowers with five pointed sepals and petals (of approximately the same dimension) on each bloom and will last 2-4 weeks as cut flowers and 2-3 months as flowering plants.


The genus Cymbidium is available in a kaleidoscope of colours: white, green, yellow green, yellow, brown, pink, red, orange and have diverse markings and colour shades, different for each of the 44 species.

Cymbidium orchid and sweet potato

Cymbidium orchids and sweet potatoes design

Culinary uses:
The species Cymbidium hookerianum is considered a delicacy in Bhutan where it is traditionally cooked in a spicy curry or stews and called “olatshe” or “olachoto”.

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22 April 2011 Test tube on a stick

Include a single floret (such as an orchid) or bundle a few weaker stems (such as lily of the valley) into an arrangement or hand tie by wiring a test tube to a stick.

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Cymbidium, Boat Orchid