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Spiral Wire Cages

The cage spirals to form a basket that wrap around the plump ripe berries (or you can slip in a flower) to hang as connections between the twigs.

Bending a copper wire spiral cage for floral art

Cut a section of wire and neatly straighten it. Loop the wire in a large double loop to determine the direction of your spiral. Bend an L shape in both ends .

Bending wire

Start to spiral the wire away from the long leg of the L towards the middle point.

Wire spirals

Do the same on the other side following the direction of the loop (this will be in the opposite direction from the first spiral)

Overlap the wire spirals

Continue wrapping the smaller of the two spirals until it overlaps the opposite spiral with the short L leg pointing in opposite directions.

Pulling the spirals apart

Gently pull the two spirals apart to form the cage and space out the wire loops evenly to make it into a ball shape.

Twist the wire ends

Curl the two straight wires at either side

To insert the berries: gently bend open the cage and drop the berries into the cage. Bend it closed.

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Christine de Beer

This is my ongoing creative workbook to research and capture design projects and techniques. You will mostly find ideas for floral art but I will also include some other projects such as gift packaging, cards and even cake decorating with a few lifestyle projects arranged in between.

Everything you see in this workbook was designed, made and photographed by me, unless specific credit is given to another designer.