Foam pin holder drying rack

This is a convenient way to keep flowers perfectly upright while you wait for glue to dry.
Foam pin holder drying rack.
I keep my pins stuck in foam in my Tool Bag but it is also handy as a glue drying rack. Pull out a few pins and place the delicate flowers upside down on the pinheads. This will keep them steady for you to apply glue and you can let them sit there while you wait a few seconds for the glue to become tacky.
I prefer not to design flowers dry and include some sort of a water source even when I glue flowers into a fragile armature. Follow the link below to see how I use drinking straws as a secret water source.

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This is my ongoing creative workbook to research and capture design projects and techniques. You will mostly find ideas for floral art but I will also include some other projects such as gift packaging, cards and even cake decorating with a few lifestyle projects arranged in between.

Everything you see in this workbook was designed, made and photographed by me, unless specific credit is given to another designer.

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